What’s in a name Anyways?

Well, for one thing, it identifies us as human beings. However, I have come to learn that it can be a confusing Title depending on what image we have of ourselves. The Ego wants the bells and whistles, like Mr. Mrs. Rev. Dr. and of course the ensuing lettering after the name.

I remember back in the day, when I was a young Counsellor and everyone wanted me to have the alphabet soup after my name. I was new to the professional scene and much of my garnered wisdom and experience came from the ‘street’ so to speak. Literally! I was a street urchin…but only in the most innocent of ways. It’s a long story, and probably one for another blog. But trust me when I say that I had learned many tricks of the trade the hard core way and was by no means a push over. This, of course, did not earn me much respect in the professional realm. Initially!  That is until those observants realized that I had a gift for working with troubled youth and was amazing with families…Hence the Youth and Family Addictions Worker Title.

When I decided to put on my student hat and gain some more structured and qualified knowledge from mainstream courses and University studies, I began to accrue some pretty hefty Titles and degrees.  People seemed so much more receptive to the fact that I had say a Bachelors or Masters degree or a Title such as Reverend, Minister or Chaplin and the so far elusive Dr. title of Doctorate which  I don’t have yet…still working on that one. Close, but no cigar…yet!

So now to my story for today… I have pondered who I am and who I wish to be known as for quite some time… am I a Pastor, no… am I a Preacher, no… am I a Minister, yes…but no one calls you Minister…I am an Officiant, a Celebrant and lo and behold the other hats I have worn in my life are girlfriend, sister, Auntie, wife, mother, grandmother, Counsellor to many, just to mention but a few…

So, here I am as the Founding Spiritual Director of Sacred Rainforest Metaphysical Centre Society. What do I call myself? If the truth be told, most people call me Sue and some call me Rev. Sue but in my quest to honour my Eastern philosophies training and genuine love…I mean, “what possesses a 21 year old to study Transcendental Meditation with a student of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the ’70’s with such fervor and commitment, while completely embracing the Hindu culture and religion?” Especially when one is a White, Anglo-Saxon Protestant British heritage girl. Well, the answer is ME~  I am that I am…I am Susan Elizabeth, but I am first and foremost an incarnated being who came from….SOMEWHERE else…perhaps India…I don’t recall.

Therefore, allow me the privilege of explaining why this blonde haired girl sometimes wears a traditional Bindi on occasion and lots of gold bangles… and has been known to don a sari with ease and grace. Many of my friends and colleagues are Indian. I relate and bond with them on a sagacious level.

So, now the reason for my ramblings… here is briefly an explanation of why I call myself Sri Susanje’ and where the name came from.
This Title and name was chosen from my Christian given name at birth and the name of my Beloved Brother.
Shri, Shree or Sri all pronounced the same is Hindi and means ‘diffusing radiant Light’ and is a Title that I like and feel more comfortable with than Reverend. I don’t want to be revered~
It is short for Sushri which is the feminine for Spiritual Teacher.
Susanje’ is my Spiritual name which combines the S-u-s from the beginning of my name and the beginning of Jesus’ name J-e.
If you take the end of Susan-JE’ and the beginning of my name SUS you have Jesus and my name SUSAN.
So Susanje’ is Susan and Jesus. Thereby, allowing me to always hold him close to my heart. Pronounced Su-san-jay.

The Sri is a Title not often used…but the name Susanje‘ is highly identifiable.  I like it! It speaks to me. So, for now, that is it…and ya, I am still Sue or Su…whatever way you want to slice it!!   Peace, love, light…Namaste’… Susanje’… xox



What am I Worth??

As a Wedding Celebrant, I often get asked this question…more to the point I am asked “What is your Fee?”  The answer is simple, I charge what I am worth!  Broken down into the time and energy that I put into creating a wonderful, meaningful Ceremony, I strongly believe that I am worth a lot. I am Worth your trust in me to assist in making the words you speak last a lifetime…hopefully!  That you will remember the Vows you took with one another and they shall sustain you in what I promise will be good times and bad.  Today, a marriage is more of a legal document.  Young people want to get the Ceremony out of the way so they can celebrate and party with their friends and family.  But the Marriage is way more than a one day affair. For me, the Ceremony is a little more than that and let me tell you why.

It is a life Contract and you best beware of the words you choose and the commitment you make. It is a binding and legal contract. Can it be broken? The answer to that is yes…it often is…sometimes ending in a dissolution or better known as a Divorce.

But on a Spiritual level, it is two people who are vowing to join as One and begin to build their lives together in peace, harmony, joy — sharing their experiences and lives together.

Someone once asked me, “what makes you stay in the tough times with your spouse,” and the answer for me was an easy one…History!  What does that mean exactly?  Well, it means thart we have created a story together…the story of our lives. We have shared children, jobs, careers, homes, vacations/travel, family, special occasions, concerts, fun, and now grandchildren but also we have been there for one another through all the highs and lows that are well, LIFE!! These are inevitable and unavoidable in any long term relationship.  This is the one guarantee I can give you.

I offer this service to people because I believe in the Institution of Marriage. I believe in the Contract. And after 40 years in the current one, I think I can safely say that I have taken my Vows and Commitments seriously. It means that I have had to work through the tough times and have succeeded.

So, in dollars and cents… “What am I Worth?”  Well, I charge the same as a Marriage Commissioner…$75.00 flat fee for the one hour Wedding Ceremony and the filing of all the Official Documents (which BC Vital Stats are real sticklers about). They have to be signed sealed and delivered by 48 hours after the Ceremony in the post. Filled out correctly with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.  I charge $25.00 an hour for Vow Writing, back and forth emails and communications until we get it right…this takes time, energy and a great deal of skill…I charge a fee for travel or mileage…mostly outside of my area.  I don’t charge the .53 cents a km. because I think that is too steep, but I do charge a bit. And I am always willing to come to you.

So, in the end you might pay anywhere from $150.00 – $250.00 for my services and I usually give a 20% discount for booking through Wedding Wire. I spend a great deal of time creating a Ceremony that is specific to the Couple I am marrying. Personal, unique and flawless!!  That is what I am Worth.

When you consider that an average wedding costs anywhere from $10,000. to ???  This includes the dress, flowers, venue, catering, beverages, etc: $200.00 for a service that there wouldn’t be a wedding without is pretty decent in my books. For a $30,000. wedding that is 1% of the total cost. We are sometimes the last thing people think about when planning a wedding and do not carry much weight in the exciting plans for a wedding. But it is an essential component of the day~~

So, please be kind and generous when you are considering your Celebrant. For me, I am a Reverend and Minister, so I can perform any and all Religious ceremonies as well as Spritual…and have done all of them, from a Traditional Christian ceremony to a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony, Buddhist, Hindu, you name it!!  These things take great time and skill and I studied a long time to be trained in these modalities.

The words are magical, mystical, binding and very important! They carry the test of time in the Realm of Unions. For me they are so much more than a Contract. They are the true testament to two people who love one another and are willing to join as One.

Peace, love…Light to all and especially to the couple’s that I feel very honoured to work with…I develop a very special bond with each couple and never forget their amazing day!

Namaste’….Rev. Sue G.

Stop the World…I want to get Off!

I fear that I have been a little neglectful of late with my Facebook pages, especially my book page Full Cold Moon https://www.facebook.com/fullcoldmoon … but in my own defence, I must acknowledge that I live in a Crazy, Busy World…I mean, who doesn’t these days??…

Please allow me to disclose to you how my valuable time is allocated and this is by no means in order of importance…

1) I am the Mother and Grandmother of 5 Grandchildren who live and breathe in my Community.

2) I am in the process of establishing a non-profit Society as the Founding Minister called Sacred Rainforest Metaphysical Centre Society. It has just become Incorporated. It will be a Centre that provides Spiritual Healing, Prayers, Meditations, a Music Ministry (whereby musician in all genres can regale us of their mastery, from classical to Celtic merriment, to first nations drumming, to good old fashioned Sunday hymnals it will provide a social, inclusive place whereby anyone from any walk of Life will feel Welcome regardless of their origin, faith practice, race, colour, creed or personal identity as a Human being…or gender calling.  It will be a place for Celebration of Life ceremonies for all of life’s major milestones from baby blessings, welcomings and name blessings to weddings, marriages, vow renewals, transitioning ceremonies such as burials, wakes and gravesite tributes. It will be a place to gather for the Pagan Sabbats and season changes…as well as the Jewish Seder Supper and other significant holidays. We will pay tribute to the Moon cycles and other planetary happenings in our vast Universe. Please visit and like our FB page https://www.facebook.com/mysticrainforest

3) I am seriously pondering completing my Doctorate Dissertation and studies in Theocentric Psychology at the University of Sedona…my Alma Mater.

4) I am in the midst of writing book 2 in the Moon Sage Theosophies series. As an Independent Author and Writer…Indie Author…everything from the initial conceptual idea of the structure and content of the book to the cover design to the page layout…to the publishing is on me. I am the sole Creator of my masterpiece or failure as the case may be. It lies completely in my hands. I am my own personal Mentor and Motivator…my voice of reason in the wee hours of the morning when I seriously doubt that I have the energy, spirit and determination to complete this daunting task.

5) I am a Goddess, a Priestess who struggles like everyone else with the peace of mind to walk strongly and proudly in her faith practices. Who am I today?  Honestly today I am Sri Susanje’…a disciple of the journey…sometimes I am Reverend Sue, sometimes my inner small child-self emerges,  little Susan Dodman, I am Grandma Sue, Sister Sue, Susan Elizabeth the Writer…I am all of these Souls encapsulated in Self. Some of my dear friends in India call me Auntie because of my mature years…this gives me great honour.

So, for today, I must be content with the fact that I am praying for the Justice and Peace of my World of existence and rallying to the cause…standing in Solidarity and Peace with my fellow Human beings of a like-mind.

All Good Blessings…Namaste’…Sue G.

Spring has finally Sprung

At least that’s what the robins and jays tell me along with those crazy red-headed ‘cockamamie’ Woodpeckers who seriously can’t fly without squawking like banshees in the tropical jungle. But I love them dearly as they escort me to and fro in the more West Coast flair of the Temperate Rainforest in the Pacific Northwest.
Of course, my deadline (self-imposed) as I am an Independent Writer, is looming ever so near and I feel the pinch. Knowing that I do work well under pressure, I am hoping that this will imminently produce some fodder for Book Two in the Moon Sage Theosophies series.
I have filled several notebooks with my scrawls and can only hope that when transposed to print, they at least make some semblance of sense.
I actually think that it may be possible that book 2 and book 3 are in there somewhere, if I can just get down to the task of organizing (definitely not one of my strong suits) for I am a Writer, a silly heart that lives in a fantasy zone which does not encourage nor support precision by any stretch of the imagination.
After a considerably long and brutal Winter here in the PNW which we are not accustomed to at all, I am left feeling quite drained, isolated and very unfocused. I am sure that a little daylight sunshine will prove to reawaken in me the spirit and energy to return to the forest in pursuit of finding and rediscovering my creatures, birds and … oh, God my beautiful trees. I hope it will reignite the urge in me to pick up the Quill and dash out another storyline in the continuing saga of Ratiffa and the gang at the mystical, magical homestead with some amazing new insights and characters.
I hope that you will continue to journey along with me on this new Quest in your own search for your true authentic Metaphysical Self, Soul and Spirit.
It is a healing pilgrimage that has served many in the past and I just know that the new surprises and storylines will entice you to jump on board for another ride into the great unknown ethereal rainforest … for there you will be sure to find some answers to some tough questions about this crazy Earth walk that we are presently on this time around and how you can join in and contribute in your own special way.

I wish you … as always … all good blessings and Namaste,
Sue G.

A Great Review from Online Book Club

I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday to discover a very in depth and wonderfully positive book Review for In the Light of the Full Cold Moon from Online Book Club, and a kind reviewer named Silvermoon. It garnered a 4 out of 4.
I am grateful that Silvermoon read the book and got the book. What does this mean? Well, people don’t always get what you are writing about… Silvermoon got it and appreciated the quality of the book.
I am going to share it with you here in its entirety because I am very proud of the detail that this Reviewer took to really break down and examine not just the content but also the theories and development of the complexities involved in bringing the storyline together.
The Reviewer wanted to know more about Savannah and how she had grown and evolved as a human being because of these meditative retreats to an Alternate Zone. They will be happy to discover that the book is now Volume 1 in a 3 book series called The Moon Sage Theosophies and that they will be able to look deep into the Soul of Savannah and understand her plight and her journey to wellness.
Book 2 will explain so many questions the reader may have had left hanging with book 1 and discover themselves in the process.

Writing is magical and very therapeutic for this Author…many years ago I had a teacher when I was studying Metaphysics and she said to me…”Susan, with you the Sky is the Limit because you are full of wonder and are never satisfied until you have searched and researched every avenue and opposing theory.”
So true!! Only now the Infinite Universe is the Limit! Book 1 was extensively researched and book 2 will prove to be the same…
Once you read it, you can then decide for yourself what you will choose to receive in terms of information provided…you can take what you like and discard the rest.
I for one will not be concerned, for it is the very method that I have walked my own path to enlightenment and the journey doesn’t end.

So, enjoy the review, and stay tuned for more mystical, magical musings from this wild and crazy Spiritual Fiction Novelist!


All Good Blessings…Namaste…Sue G.

Happy New Year 2017

New Moon Blessings! I have been very neglectful of my blog over the holiday season! The good thing is there is much to talk about in a very positive frame.
Just before Christmas I released a Special Christmas Edition of In the Light of the Full Cold Moon with added bonus content, including two beautiful Christmas poems by two of my favourite childhood poets Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Also I included some of my Amazon reviews and an excerpt from book 2 which now may have changed somewhat. Oh, the fickle life of a Writer!
It was a very wonderful Solstice and Christmas Season, with colder than normal climes creating a Winter Wonderland of snow, ice, and many peaceful, quiet and calm moments of hunkering down to enjoy a warm fire with friends and family, complete with warm beverages and tasty treats.
We spent many days out walking our little rescue doggie Becca Marie and I was able to really focus on book 2 in the Moon Sage Theosophies series. It began to take on a very ethereal, other-worldly tone and once again I was awakened in the middle of the night with images and visions of the Woods and Ratiffa speaking to me and I madly jotted down her teachings and lessons. The original Title for book 2 in the series was tentatively called Transcendent LionHeart, as Savannah begins to grow into her character and role as an Intuitive Empath, but I am beginning to develop a relationship and character study of Jonah and together they are experiencing the powerful evolutionary journey and free-spiritedness as they develop and hone their innate skills and roles of being Indigo children under the New Moon…so this is also a possibility for a Title, or at least some variation of it.
To say the least, it is all very exciting as the words tumble out on the paper and chapter after chapter materializes. So much so, in fact, that right now I am guiding my pen with direct influence from the Cosmic Source without limitations and am envisioning both book 2 and book 3 in the Series unfolding.
Therefore, I am just going to continue writing my so-called rough draft until it feels complete and then decide where to make the break from book 2 to book 3 depending on the word count and storyline.
It is a very thrilling and exhilarating time for a Writer…I feel productive and in the zone!
In closing, I wish to thank my fellow Indie Authors literally around the Globe who have been such an amazing support network for me. You know who you are and may the Universe richly bless you all! You walk by my side every day with your kind words, suggestions and help in all things! I feel your presence every day in the Collective spirit of the Novelist!
Peace, love and light…Namaste…Sue G.

Special Christmas Edition of In the Light

I am happy to announce the timely Christmas release of the Special Edition of In the Light of the Full Cold Moon.
This book has a lot of added bonus chapters, Christmas poems by the likes of the Author’s childhood favourites including Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
There is also a wonderful excerpt from Book 2 in The Moon Sage Theosophies series, Transcendent LionHeart … a Journey into the Emerald Forest.

Here is the current book blurb for Book 2 Transcendent LionHeart.
Savannah progresses on her journey to Self as she bravely and courageously forges ahead. Along this path of new discoveries she ‘bumps into’ as she connects and reconnects with a multitude of Visionary, Prophetic Ascended Masters, Sages and Gurus while also having some masterful encounters with dark forces and sedulous entities that prove to be unwarranted, unsolicited and unruly teachers as she evolves and transcends in Spirit and Truth in this hidden depth of the Forest.

Book 2 is due to be released in early Spring of 2017 and promises to be a tantalizing and titillating journey to some exciting new locations but never far from the magical, mystical enchanting forest.
I hope that you will take the pilgrimage with Savannah and Jonah as they venture on their journey to enlightenment.
You can order the Special Christmas Edition from Amazon.com
This book is currently only offered in paperback.
It is attractive and would prove to be a wonderful edition to any Library and also as a special gift for a family member or avid reader.
Wishing you all the very Best that the Season brings…
Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas to all!!

All Good Blessings…Namaste…Sue G.