Online Book Study

Greetings my dear Readers.  I am beginning an on line Book Study and conversation for In the Light…because so many people stop me or email me and want to have a place to ask questions or make comments about the book.  Good thing I have most of the answers!

This way not only those who are close and can run into me in person; but those of you who live around the World can get in on the conversation.

Yesterday’s discussion was based around the idea concept of the book.  How did the idea come to me to write this book?  A great question.

As you may or may not have surmised, I am an Intuitive Empath true to my main character Savannah’s revelation.

Many years ago I studied from a lovely New Thought teacher named Shakti Gawain and she taught me Guided Imagery and Creative Visualization.

I then taught my students and guided them on several wonderful meditative journeys. They are so healing and amazing!

My own Journey took me to a strange little cabin in the Woods and it was there that I met Ratiffa; my Wise Old Sage.  You see, she is very real to me, and she has taught me the wisdom of the ages, as you clearly read throughout the pages.

All of the characters are very real and I have met and spoken to them all through writing this book.  It is my hope and desire that as you read this book, they will also speak to you.

Of course the Angels are with me everyday.  Really…I make a habit of not going anywhere without them… LOL

I continue through prayer and meditation to have a relationship with my forest friends and so in answer to another much asked question…yes, there will be book 2 and probably book 3 in a series that I currently refer to as the Moon Sage Sagas.

So stay tuned for the next installment.  In the meantime, let’s consider this an open forum and dialogue where we can chat about the content of the book, for I am sure that each and every one of you have received something very unique along this road to enlightenment.

And remember there are no silly questions…they are all important and I appreciate every one of them…

In Peace & Love & Light, my dear friends, Namaste’…

Rev. Sue G.a wise old sage


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