May Long Weekend

Traditionally the May Long Weekend seems to be a time here in the Pacific Northwest for families to venture out on their first camping trip of the year.  True to form a few eager folks are heading up to Hotel Lake in their campers to enjoy a magical 3 or 4 days by the lake and kayak, eat, drink and be merry by the fire…telling stories, catching up on each others lives and kids and families.

For me this long weekend will be spent at the AGM of the Federation of BC Writers, a fairly new group for me.  They were here on a Writer’s weekend a few months back and decided to return for the AGM.  It is always nice when a group of like-minded people get together to bolster each other’s esteem a wee bit and encourage the sometimes lonely art of writing by sharing the trials and tribulations of being an Author.

It can be lonely out here plunking away on your keyboard.  It brought to mind for me the sad passing of a great Journalist, Morley Safer of 60 minutes fame.  For heaven’s sakes they just did his retirement show last Sunday and then he dies at 84 years of age a week later.  But what an amazing career…as he continued to hit the old keys of an ancient typewriter and relay his stories with his gravelly smoker’s voice and whiskey deep vocals.  He LIVED…he was literally on the front lines and the cutting edge of the happenings of this crazy World.  No one could hope or want more than that as a human being.  A life well lived.

For us writer’s…we just want a physical hard copy book with our name on the cover to say…here is my book.  I wrote a book.  Mine.  That in itself is an accomplishment.  Too bad we then feel the need to promote it, sell it…get it out there in the World.  And also too bad that at some point we feel the rejection and disillusion of realizing that in many ways, it is just another book, amongst a million other books.  The chances of it being a best seller are next to none… most of us would settle for a few good reviews and a few hundred sales.  We are dreamers and wish makers…of course we are…that is why we are Writers.

Enjoy your families and friends this coming weekend…life is short and we just never know what comes around the next corner.

Live, love & peace to you all…Namaste’

Sue G.


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