My 7th — five star Review

Just received my 7th five star Review on for In the Light of the Full Cold Moon.

Just thrilled.  I am so grateful to the folks who read the book and then take the time to write a review.  Thank you Nancy!

  • People don’t realize how important reviews are; sad but true.  Reviews increase sales and sales increase reviews.  It is a vicious circle.  Kind of like…which came first thing. 
  • Publishers will not look at the book or acknowledge it as a good seller or a potential best seller until the Reviews start coming in and, without the reviews there are few sales.  It is a tough game!

My intent in writing the book was not necessarily to become a best selling Author, but to reach as many people as possible to hear my story.  I don’t think that anyone can anticipate the work involved in ‘getting the book out there‘, and the endless efforts and time that will be spent ‘marketing‘ the book.  Without a publicist, a social media agent and a team of people standing behind you…which unfortunately all cost a lot of money, you really don’t have much of a chance at being noticed.

There are a gazillion books out there…seriously…and at some point it truly becomes a very expensive hobby.  There is always a greater expenditure out than there is in.  Royalties are abysmal if not completely non-existent.

As I have said, I could sell Regal or Avon and make better profits.

An Authors income is simply just that of another starving artist.

I am already formulating book 2 in the series while still trying to get book 1 off the ground.  I could literally spend the whole day in front of the computer screen, searching, researching and promoting…sadly, most goes unseen and unheard.  Again the word vicious comes to mind.  It is a very competitive business where the loudest, richest and most persistent get noticed.

Also, let it be known that in this business of books you can buy reviews and buy the awards and buy the interviews if you have the bucks.  Every review, interview and award that I have received was legitimately given by the very kind hearts who offered them.  And I will remain true to them all!!

However, in defense of the system…there is a reading audience out there for potentially every book and I know my readership.  They are people who search for the answers to life questions on a very Metaphysical vein.  Why am I here?  What is my life purpose?  How can I contribute on a Global level?  Where do I go when I leave this Earth?  Is this all there is?  For these questions, you will find the answers, or at least grasp a bigger Reality and philosophy of the whys and hows…and it may just give you a glimpse into the Universal Law and how the greater picture may look.  It may give  you ideas for how you can re-focus your own life on what truly matters.

I know this may not be an upbeat post, but it is the truth of the matter.

Onward and upward,  I continue to strive to do my best to get the good word out there, because each person that I touch…reminds me of why I wrote the book in the first place.

Sincerely and with Gratitude,  Sue G.


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