Negative Reviews Rant

Someone asked me, “how do you deal with negative reviews.”  Well, thankfully so far I haven’t received many negative reviews.

But I got two ‘doozies‘ over the weekend.

I have been accused of ‘mish-mashing‘ religions together.  Of trying to make it all the same thing.

Well, in my defense, I live in a multi-cultural Society where people are very diverse and have many faith beliefs and practices.

What I said in the book is that we are all basically saying the same thing…I will stand behind that statement. For rendered down to the finer points of doctrine, we all speak of a higher Source of energy or light.

Or … as in the case of the Agnostic … of no light at all.

Right here in my own little Community there are Pagans, 1st Nations people, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Taoists, Hindus, Buddhists and many more.   We, for the most part, work inter-connectedly, while endeavouring to  honour and respect one another’s teachings, diversity and practices.

I can only assume that the reference to Confucianism was the chapter on the Dao.  This chapter was written for my dear friend Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, one of my Mentors and Teachers as the quote at the beginning of the chapter alluded to.  Interestingly enough, I was putting the final touches on the Chapter when I got word from Reid Tracey the CEO from Hay House that he had passed.  The date was August 23rd, 2015 … I was deeply saddened, particularly since I had so wanted him to read this Chapter…he would have seen his teachings and his words within the pages.  He would have loved the quote that opened the Chapter.

But back to the `mish-mash` of beliefs…many of which we are fighting over in an effort to be right …

There is but one Almighty God  — the God of Love.  One Eternal connection and Universal life Source.  You either believe it or you don`t. All Abrahamic followers believe this philosophy.  That is why I used all the different names, to try to give language to something far too vast to corral.

In Hinduism there are many Gods and Deities.  First Nations and Pagans bless the Moon, the Stars, the Earth and Planets.  Buddhism is not a montheistic religion.

The criticism was that this young girl went on a journey to find healing and comfort for her life long fears and her suffering from panic and anxiety.  Her search took her into the forest where she met many Ascended Masters and Avatars, who ministered to her and presented her with their message of Truth.  Thankfully, we are not all ‘little clones’ who march to the same drummer.  How boring would our World be if we did?

Apparently she didn’t find healing and she tried to mix all of the Religions together. I’m trying to figure out what book this reviewer was reading, it certainly wasn’t mine.  In the end, it did her no good because she didn’t come out the other side perfect.  So, what was the point?

Thank God for diversity.

Buddha was not a Buddhist, Jesus was not a Christian, Muhammad was not a Muslim,  Love was their religion.  They came to this earth as prophets with a profound message to deliver.

I was trying to convey the message that we are all here on this Earth to learn and grow.

I hit a nerve… good, I want to hit a nerve … for along with discomfort comes growth.

Expand your mind and your vision.  Look outside of the box.  Let the spirit take you away from your safe, organic life and challenge your thinking.

If this Earth is going to survive, then we need to expand and grow with the Universe.  Well, if human beings are to survive … as I said in the book, the Earth is tough … it will survive, unfortunately such is not the case with the human inhabitants.

I`m not talking about practicing a certain way.  Go with your heart on that one, but I`m talking about being tolerant of each other’s practices, beliefs, religions, faiths.  Be tolerant people.

Stop killing each other!

The reason I gave a taste of all of the religious faiths was to say that rendered down it is the same God of the Universe.  The Ultimate Source.  There is not a bunch of God’s hanging around in the Universe vying for the position of the Almighty…

This is not New Age theory as much as it is New Thought thinking.

Savannah is on a Journey to Wellness.  It may take her a lifetime or many lifetimes to accomplish.   Open your hearts and minds people.

A dogmatic approach produces only linear thinking.  Look where that has got us.  I understand that I am an evolved being, and that is why I get the bigger picture, so I must also practice tolerance to those that are less evolved.

Enlightenment is a Journey with no timeline.

There is no end result.  It is a Path.  A discovery.  A Walk.

The metaphors are in the story to help the reader take the journey.

A closed and archaic mindset will not be able to go on that Journey.

It was written in third person narrative to convey a message through imagery.

As an Intuitive and a Channeler, I have spoken to these wise Master’s through meditation, prayer and ‘automatic writing’ and these were the messages that I wrote down..  This book was written from this perspective.

That was the premise of the book.

I guess I needed to explain it.  Walk the reader through it step by step with an explanation.  I trusted too much that the reader could fill in the blanks.

A Spiritual reader said to me, “Not everyone is going to comprehend this book.

I now understand what they were saying.

It’s Fiction people!!  Some people have little or no imagination.  In case you didn’t get it that is another word for fantasy or ‘make-believe‘.

I am quickly discovering that there are three camps regarding the book … those who totally get it and relate on a profound level … those who don’t get it and think that it is not very good … and those who are way too concerned with the punctuation and spelling, as the concept flies way over their heads …

Enlightenment is not a destination which one arrives at.  It is a Journey — to be explored.  When does it end?  It doesn’t… it is therefore infinite.  With infinite possibilities.  Saying one has achieved enlightenment is like saying the alcoholic is cured.

No matter what road we take, enlightenment and evolvement are the result of Spiritual Growth…of asking the deep Metaphysical questions.

I therefore AM and shall remain,

A Student of Metaphysical Science.


In Love & Light,  Namaste’ … Rev. Sue G.





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