Traversing the Universe

I am once again on a journey of seeking self. This tends to be a lifetime aspiration. A burst of motivation to cajole me along to the next level, so to speak.
One of the toughest things I deal with in my daily reality is trying to manage and co-operate with the technical part of what it means to be an Author. Managing sites and systems. Not my bag.
All I am trying to do right now is figure out how to put a follow me sticker on my blog so that people know when I am having an enlightened moment and can peruse my ramblings with some sort of a notification.
I think I may have found my way, but I’m not certain it took. At this point it is the blind leading the blind, as I try and manage this page, but if I am to be honest, it was the same with all things new in my life and I am confident that I shall rise to the challenge and once again master this blog thingy.
Thank you to all my lovely followers in the Literary World, you are like-minded people who have been here and done this yourselves many times over and you speak a language I do not yet understand. The lingo of the tech World to which I am at this point a novice.
Hang in there and stay with me…I shall rise to face another day with courage and fortitude.

Hey, fairly soon I may even start posting fancy stuff like pictures and background scenery…ya just never know.

Stay Tuned…all Good Blessings…Namaste’…Sue G.


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