Many Avenues an Indie Author can take…

I am in the final stages of re-releasing In the Light of the Full Cold Moon on Createspace.
My original publishers would not allow me to clean up, edit, polish and update my manuscript without paying them a pretty penny. My response was to seek other options. They literally wanted me to pay for the cost of another book, just to put it back out there in a cleaned up, upgraded and edited form. Really? You think it would be to their advantage to support an Author working to better their art form in an effort to create the best possible outcome in selling the books to the general readership and market. I am a Creator of Words. I felt certain that there were many paths to the Solutions I sought after. And of course there always are.
Createspace took my manuscript and helped me polish it until it shone. I am well pleased with the final result and in the coming days it will be available and I will be able to market it with pride, knowing that the finished product is up to my high expectations.
The difficulty for me usually lies in the technical end of things. I can write a book, but getting it out there via Social Media and making it into a presentable, sellable product is another thing.
I will be putting it on KDP Select and offering it to the World. Live and learn. Oh ya, every day is a new learning experience for this old bird.
I’ve learned how to do a Giveaway to generate interest in my book and how to promote it on Social Media.
My followers are growing and I am feeling more confident and in control as I begin to prepare to formulate and write book two in the Moon Sage Theosophies. ‘Becoming LionHeart’ is well on its way and should be available in early Spring of 2017.

Right now we are ironing out any glitches in presentation and making sure that Book One, In the Light of the Full Cold Moon is of the quality that I expect after so much hard work and dedication.

The publishers also should have thought about the future of our relationship down the road, as the book morphed into a Series as Volume 2 and Volume 3 materialized. They would probably have benefited from working with me on this lengthy project.
Nope!! The dollar signs in their eyes did not allow them to see into that golden future. That is what greed does. It turns people into instant gratification thinkers. In this day and age there is always going to be a better, easier, quicker, less expensive route to take … it is a consumers market … silly folks.

It is nice to know that I can continue to hone and polish my creation until I feel satisfied with my work.

There are many other avenues that an Indie Author can take to realize their goals as a Writer, at very little cost. I thank the wonderful groups that I belong to at Goodreads, Scribes & Bibliophiles and other Community book, writing, blogging, Social Media groups for their unwavering support, suggestions and encouragement in this endeavour. Writers are solid people who generously share their knowledge with their fellow Authors. And so we plod along on this Journey…with gratitude.

Onward and upward, Blessings to you all…peace…Namaste’…Sue G.


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