Giveaway Going Great Guns

It is very exciting to watch your Giveaway on Goodreads and realize that many people are interested in getting a copy of your book.

I believe it will be worth it to purchase and read this book which was such a labour of love for me to write.
It was a healing journey which I am happily still on as I continue my writing on Book 2 or Volume 2 of the Moon Sage Theosophies and I can absolutely promise my Reader’s that I have learned so much from writing book 1 and so I promise that book 2 will be meatier and deeper with more complexities and storylines that will take you on an amazing Journey. It will continue to be in the vein of searching, seeking and finding wellness; but also will help you to question your own walk and will drive you and direct you to a place…well, I can’t say too much or I will give it away.

I can tell you that just as with book 1…the second book was divinely directed and I patiently waited for the sign and the calling to start writing again … and once again, true to Spirit … I now wake in the middle of the night out of a ‘dream state’ and grab my pen and paper and begin scrawling down the notes that are dictated from Source.
Ratiffa is right there with me, guiding me, assisting me in bringing the story out for you all to read and enjoy as we walk this royal path together to healing our Souls.
I know, crazy, right? But it is flowing from me once again and just as in book 1, which you must take the time to read…book 2 is full of amazing and helpful healing modalities that will strengthen that beautiful spirit that lives within you and I am making sure once again that the information that I share has been well researched and verified for authenticity.
Even though these books are Fiction, I have walked through this Journey personally and promise that these are all methods to an end that you will be glad that you vested some time and energy in.
I speak to you from a place that I never could have two years ago…from a sick bed where I had very little hope for recovery! I am well and happy and feeling very fulfilled these days! And it has not been an easy walk.
The marketing of a book is triple the energy and work than writing it was.

Have I been successful??? My faithful readers tell me that I have made a profound difference in their lives and a few have said, “You SAVED my Life …”

They are just words, but they were written from my Heart and Soul. They are sincere and delivered with a true sense of the struggles that one faces in today’s World.
That’s why I added the Prologue to the second Edition of book 1, because it speaks to my healing journey to wellness in writing the book.

Yay, In the Light of the Full Cold Moon has reached the Souls of the intended.

I couldn’t be happier!!

All my Good Blessings … Namaste’… Sue G.


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