Book Reviews & Awards

I think I need to have a rant! However, I do need to get this off my chest so to speak.
As an Author and Writer, I have struggled with this dilemma from the get go. Any writer will tell you that it is a vicious circle of getting reviews so your book will be noticed and Reader’s buying your book and generating reviews.
Which came first the chicken or the egg theory rings very true here.

Then there is the Book Awards…well, where do I begin??

I have submitted my book for a few Indie awards and yes, it did cost me a submission fee.

I believe that both Reviews and Awards can be bought and as a ‘starving Author’ the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

I see some fellow Authors boasting about the awards they have own and displaying their stickers on the front of their books proudly…and I applaud their success.
Keeping in mind that they paid every time they entered an awards contest and it is a contest.

Unless someone else entered their book or it was picked up because it was just too damn great.

Awards and Reviews can therefore be bought. Mostly reviews.

I have 10 Reviews on Amazon, 8 are 5-star reviews, one is a 3.5 and one is a 2. Not everyone is going to like your book…and the bad reviews and critiques are helpful if they are delivered in a positive vein. Constructively with some compassion. Which my 2 star reviewer was not.
I see some of these amazing Reviews and when I go to their site to solicit one for my book I am asked to pay an enormous price to get one.
Ain’t going to happen!

I never paid a dime for my Reviews and will not pay for any in the future.
Will I enter a book Award for Indie Authors…if the submission fee is for administration costs I will. Maybe a few. But I simply can’t afford the cost nor can I afford to advertise or promote my book much past the regular social media campaigns…I saw something the other day that said that if 1000 writers pay $100.00 to submit their book for an Award…that’s $100,000.00. There’s got to be some profit in there somewhere. It’s a good gig if you can get it.
What I must do is not carry resentment, jealousy, anger or any of those other emotions that are not healthy for me to feel when observing other Authors and their strategies for getting their book out there or getting ahead.

It is a tough business to say the least and one does not choose this career with thin skin.
In my defense I will say that I support other Authors and try to read as much of their work when time allows between promoting my own book and writing book 2. I will also always give a review, because I know how very important they are for the Author. Hopefully I will give an honest and good review that will support their hard work and dedication. We Writer’s know that our books are our babies, our creations…we hold them very close to our hearts and eat, breathe, dream and sleep them.

So bottom line…can you buy Awards and Reviews…and the answer is yes…

Respectfully, Sue G.


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