A new Review & Interview from Becca Chopra

I wanted to share with all my Reader’s this wonderful Review and Interview that Becca Chopra did for me.
In the Light of the Full Cold Moon #BookReview, #AuthorInterview and #BookGiveaway

She took the time to read the book and she gave me a lot of very good insight and a constructive ‘critique’ that was so positive & helpful in my journey as a new Author and Writer.

I also learned so much this past weekend out at the Writer’s Festival in Sechelt where I met and conversed with other Writers as we exchanged so many wonderful thoughts and ideas regarding the layered complexities of being a Writer. From the development of a storyline to publishing and then marketing strategies, few people understand the intense work behind creating and releasing a novel. We are all comrades in arms and truly do support one another!

When someone takes the time to read & Review a newly released book in a genre they feel strongly about and then do an Interview with the Author…it really warms my heart!

Thank you Becca Chopra for watching my progress, for commenting, for supporting and helping me to grow as an Author. So many have walked with me on this journey and I appreciate each and every bit of your encouragement along the way~

Many blessings…Namaste’…Sue G.


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