Why Would You?

Now here’s an amusing factoid. I have garnered 11 Reviews so far on Amazon.com. Nine of those Reviews are 5-Stars…interestingly enough, not from friends and family as one might suspect, but from Readers out in the Literary World who discovered my Speculative, Narrative style Spiritual Fiction Novel and truly embraced its content.

One of the 11 Reviews got a 3.5 star review which stated the demerit points were mostly because of the punctuation and sentence structure. I am happy to report that the book has since gone into re-edit and has been completely cleaned up and now presents as a much more solid piece of writing…one that I can truly be proud of.

But one Review was somewhat scathing and portrayed the book as some terribly constructed and fabricated bunch of nonsense. OK…I can live with the fact that not every one is going to LOVE the book. That the book is surely not for everybody. So, for the most part I am feeling proud of all the amazing reviews and kind and wonderful people who took the time to write a Review and post it on Amazon, Goodreads and other major sites. But this negative and somewhat uninformed individual has taken it upon themselves to re-post this old Review which was done months ago now.

Now, I can only surmise from this recent re-dedication that this must mean either this individual has not done any other more recent Reviews and is recycling old ones or something in this Review has not settled well with the Reviewer and they have chosen to revisit it once again. Something in this book has obviously stirred something within the Soul of this person. Well, I for one am not surprised at this recent set of circumstances because as an Intuitve…and yes, I really am one, the book WAS initially written and intended to stir the Soul…

For whatever reason I hope that they can find some peace from their very negative words…which were probably not necessary in conveying their thoughts on the book other than to stroke their delicate EGO…

Enough said… C’est la vie!

Peace, love and JOY to all…Namaste’…Sue G.


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