Goodreads Giveaway a Roaring Success

As my Goodreads Giveaway comes to an end at midnight on August 31st, I am ecstatic to report that it was a roaring success. How is success measured in the eyes of a new Author you may ask?
Well, for me I wanted to put my book out there in the Literary realm and see what kind of a response I may get for it.
I set a goal of 750 entries, as a virtually unknown book out there in the Spiritual, Inspirational, Esoteric Philosophy, Speculative Fiction genre.
Happily, I surpassed that goal by some 600 plus entries, garnering 1361 entries, giving me a newfound confidence in these wonderful linking sites.
Goodreads has been a good avenue for me to correspond with other like-minded Writers and Authors. I have made many new friends and gained many readers and supporters.
I have and continue to build my following through this excellent resource. I am learning the complexities of social media all but a little reluctantly or perhaps a little fearfully, as I bravely try my hand at programming.
Half the time I have absolutely no clue what I am doing and can get myself in a real pickle, oftentimes having to start all over again at square one. Thank you to all my friends and fellow Authors in the Literary World who have assisted me with my silly questions about how to even find my admin page…lol
The books that won the Giveaway have been mailed off to the winners and I am so pleased…wishing their enjoyment of the book and hopefully a Review.
I also wish that many others will take the opportunity to read the book and get comfortable with the characters before book 2 in the series comes out in the early Spring of 2017.
I am madly working on it now and all I can say so far is that it will be full of exciting twists and turns and growth for the heroine/protagonist… and yes, there will be at least one antagonist who will seriously challenge this character!
I will continue to build my social media sites and learn how to tweak them to look professional.
Thank you all Readers and Fellow Writers for you kindness and support.
All Good Blessings…Namaste’… Sue G.


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