A New Review — #12

I feel very blessed that people continue to read and Review my book.That they give me an honest and constructive review of what they thought of the book.
I can trust their words, and have also taken their comments which have helped me immensely in becoming a better writer, editor and marketer of my Indie books.


Thank you Vicki Goodwin from The Page Turner for a wonderful Review. The words were very thoughtful and I could tell that you took the time to ‘get into’ the book and understand the deep complexities of the characters and the story lines. As a fellow Author, I know that we share a common bond and understanding of how important reviews are for a Writer.

You definitely got the gist of the book…so with gratitude I thank you for your kind Review!
I hope that all Readers of this blog will take the time to read the Review and also buy the book and read it for yourselves.
Book 2 in the Moon Sage Theosophies will be released in early Spring of 2017 and it will be a continuation of the story line and characters, but with some new and exciting twists & turns…some new locations and characters.
So stay tuned!
All Good Blessings, Namaste’…Sue G.


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