Posted a Review for my friend Irina Dura

Here is my review for a wonderful little book with a lot of good information on the health benefits of following a program that incorporates the total care of Self…Body, Mind and Spirit. Good job Irina! English is not Irina’s first language so to take on the writing of a book in English is no easy task and she has done a marvelous job!!
My Review: My Natural Weight Loss Recipe — Irina Dura
Irina writes about her personal journey in conquering, overcoming and winning her 18 year struggle and battle with obesity and her health issues as a result. She offers a valid strong program for changing bad habits and embracing a new lifestyle that incorporates all facets of the human composition. In doing this herself she has lost 77 pounds and knows that daily she must treat her body with respect and feed and nourish it with good things (including drinking plenty of fresh water), but she also knows how to nourish mind, body and spirit which ensures that she has all the bases covered. Irina has done her homework and understands the ‘magic potion’ for success. The information that she shares will be of benefit to people who suffer from a myriad of health conditions from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. if you follow her instruction you will see your blood work numbers head in a very positive direction. Congratulations Irina Dura on a wonderful book!

I love doing reviews for fellow Writers and we have such a grand community of supportive Indie Authors…I feel privileged to work with them all…with gratitude…Sue G.


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