Lucky #13…a five star Review

Thank you to Irina Mel(Dura) for the amazing and heartfelt *****five star Review for In the Light. She really wrote a wonderful Review and happily I can say that she really got the content of the book. She was happy to report to me that she has now ordered a paperback copy for her Library so she can refer to it often. Yes, that was the point of the book. A practical reference book for many ‘hot topics’ from helping people dealing with stress, anxiety, depression … people searching for spiritual facts, truths and religions …
Right now I am working on book 2 which is currently being called Transcendent LionHeart, formerly Becoming LionHeart…who knows??? That might change a few times before final print or at least cover design which is also currently in the works. Again, I will say it, no one can possibly imagine the work that an Author puts in during the process of writing, editing, printing and releasing a book. It is a tremendous amount of work that really never ends. I am still refining book 1 and tidying it up.
As a sidenote I am signed up and it is day #5 of NaNoWriMo…I am doing OK, but have discovered a few idiosyncrocies that have caused some delays including the fact that I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I am a research writer meaning most of my material must be researched, sussed out and I have many sources and resources, so writing a book can be very complicated and time consuming and take months to put together. I have received a lot of good advice from fellow Authors about how to deal with this. First and foremost, I must remember that this is a rough draft and that it is far from the finished product. Therefore, I shall endeavour to perservere…I am not going to turn out a perfectly formatted and edited copy on the first GO! Jeez Louise! Get ahold of yourself, Susan…lol
And so I shall plod along and remember that I work best with many irons in the fire, so to speak!
All Good Blessings…Namaste…Sue G.


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