Special Christmas Edition of In the Light

I am happy to announce the timely Christmas release of the Special Edition of In the Light of the Full Cold Moon.
This book has a lot of added bonus chapters, Christmas poems by the likes of the Author’s childhood favourites including Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.
There is also a wonderful excerpt from Book 2 in The Moon Sage Theosophies series, Transcendent LionHeart … a Journey into the Emerald Forest.

Here is the current book blurb for Book 2 Transcendent LionHeart.
Savannah progresses on her journey to Self as she bravely and courageously forges ahead. Along this path of new discoveries she ‘bumps into’ as she connects and reconnects with a multitude of Visionary, Prophetic Ascended Masters, Sages and Gurus while also having some masterful encounters with dark forces and sedulous entities that prove to be unwarranted, unsolicited and unruly teachers as she evolves and transcends in Spirit and Truth in this hidden depth of the Forest.

Book 2 is due to be released in early Spring of 2017 and promises to be a tantalizing and titillating journey to some exciting new locations but never far from the magical, mystical enchanting forest.
I hope that you will take the pilgrimage with Savannah and Jonah as they venture on their journey to enlightenment.
You can order the Special Christmas Edition from Amazon.com
This book is currently only offered in paperback.
It is attractive and would prove to be a wonderful edition to any Library and also as a special gift for a family member or avid reader.
Wishing you all the very Best that the Season brings…
Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas to all!!

All Good Blessings…Namaste…Sue G.


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