Happy New Year 2017

New Moon Blessings! I have been very neglectful of my blog over the holiday season! The good thing is there is much to talk about in a very positive frame.
Just before Christmas I released a Special Christmas Edition of In the Light of the Full Cold Moon with added bonus content, including two beautiful Christmas poems by two of my favourite childhood poets Rudyard Kipling and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Also I included some of my Amazon reviews and an excerpt from book 2 which now may have changed somewhat. Oh, the fickle life of a Writer!
It was a very wonderful Solstice and Christmas Season, with colder than normal climes creating a Winter Wonderland of snow, ice, and many peaceful, quiet and calm moments of hunkering down to enjoy a warm fire with friends and family, complete with warm beverages and tasty treats.
We spent many days out walking our little rescue doggie Becca Marie and I was able to really focus on book 2 in the Moon Sage Theosophies series. It began to take on a very ethereal, other-worldly tone and once again I was awakened in the middle of the night with images and visions of the Woods and Ratiffa speaking to me and I madly jotted down her teachings and lessons. The original Title for book 2 in the series was tentatively called Transcendent LionHeart, as Savannah begins to grow into her character and role as an Intuitive Empath, but I am beginning to develop a relationship and character study of Jonah and together they are experiencing the powerful evolutionary journey and free-spiritedness as they develop and hone their innate skills and roles of being Indigo children under the New Moon…so this is also a possibility for a Title, or at least some variation of it.
To say the least, it is all very exciting as the words tumble out on the paper and chapter after chapter materializes. So much so, in fact, that right now I am guiding my pen with direct influence from the Cosmic Source without limitations and am envisioning both book 2 and book 3 in the Series unfolding.
Therefore, I am just going to continue writing my so-called rough draft until it feels complete and then decide where to make the break from book 2 to book 3 depending on the word count and storyline.
It is a very thrilling and exhilarating time for a Writer…I feel productive and in the zone!
In closing, I wish to thank my fellow Indie Authors literally around the Globe who have been such an amazing support network for me. You know who you are and may the Universe richly bless you all! You walk by my side every day with your kind words, suggestions and help in all things! I feel your presence every day in the Collective spirit of the Novelist!
Peace, love and light…Namaste…Sue G.


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