A Great Review from Online Book Club

I was very pleasantly surprised yesterday to discover a very in depth and wonderfully positive book Review for In the Light of the Full Cold Moon from Online Book Club, and a kind reviewer named Silvermoon. It garnered a 4 out of 4.
I am grateful that Silvermoon read the book and got the book. What does this mean? Well, people don’t always get what you are writing about… Silvermoon got it and appreciated the quality of the book.
I am going to share it with you here in its entirety because I am very proud of the detail that this Reviewer took to really break down and examine not just the content but also the theories and development of the complexities involved in bringing the storyline together.
The Reviewer wanted to know more about Savannah and how she had grown and evolved as a human being because of these meditative retreats to an Alternate Zone. They will be happy to discover that the book is now Volume 1 in a 3 book series called The Moon Sage Theosophies and that they will be able to look deep into the Soul of Savannah and understand her plight and her journey to wellness.
Book 2 will explain so many questions the reader may have had left hanging with book 1 and discover themselves in the process.

Writing is magical and very therapeutic for this Author…many years ago I had a teacher when I was studying Metaphysics and she said to me…”Susan, with you the Sky is the Limit because you are full of wonder and are never satisfied until you have searched and researched every avenue and opposing theory.”
So true!! Only now the Infinite Universe is the Limit! Book 1 was extensively researched and book 2 will prove to be the same…
Once you read it, you can then decide for yourself what you will choose to receive in terms of information provided…you can take what you like and discard the rest.
I for one will not be concerned, for it is the very method that I have walked my own path to enlightenment and the journey doesn’t end.

So, enjoy the review, and stay tuned for more mystical, magical musings from this wild and crazy Spiritual Fiction Novelist!


All Good Blessings…Namaste…Sue G.


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