Spring has finally Sprung

At least that’s what the robins and jays tell me along with those crazy red-headed ‘cockamamie’ Woodpeckers who seriously can’t fly without squawking like banshees in the tropical jungle. But I love them dearly as they escort me to and fro in the more West Coast flair of the Temperate Rainforest in the Pacific Northwest.
Of course, my deadline (self-imposed) as I am an Independent Writer, is looming ever so near and I feel the pinch. Knowing that I do work well under pressure, I am hoping that this will imminently produce some fodder for Book Two in the Moon Sage Theosophies series.
I have filled several notebooks with my scrawls and can only hope that when transposed to print, they at least make some semblance of sense.
I actually think that it may be possible that book 2 and book 3 are in there somewhere, if I can just get down to the task of organizing (definitely not one of my strong suits) for I am a Writer, a silly heart that lives in a fantasy zone which does not encourage nor support precision by any stretch of the imagination.
After a considerably long and brutal Winter here in the PNW which we are not accustomed to at all, I am left feeling quite drained, isolated and very unfocused. I am sure that a little daylight sunshine will prove to reawaken in me the spirit and energy to return to the forest in pursuit of finding and rediscovering my creatures, birds and … oh, God my beautiful trees. I hope it will reignite the urge in me to pick up the Quill and dash out another storyline in the continuing saga of Ratiffa and the gang at the mystical, magical homestead with some amazing new insights and characters.
I hope that you will continue to journey along with me on this new Quest in your own search for your true authentic Metaphysical Self, Soul and Spirit.
It is a healing pilgrimage that has served many in the past and I just know that the new surprises and storylines will entice you to jump on board for another ride into the great unknown ethereal rainforest … for there you will be sure to find some answers to some tough questions about this crazy Earth walk that we are presently on this time around and how you can join in and contribute in your own special way.

I wish you … as always … all good blessings and Namaste,
Sue G.


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