Stop the World…I want to get Off!

I fear that I have been a little neglectful of late with my Facebook pages, especially my book page Full Cold Moon … but in my own defence, I must acknowledge that I live in a Crazy, Busy World…I mean, who doesn’t these days??…

Please allow me to disclose to you how my valuable time is allocated and this is by no means in order of importance…

1) I am the Mother and Grandmother of 5 Grandchildren who live and breathe in my Community.

2) I am in the process of establishing a non-profit Society as the Founding Minister called Sacred Rainforest Metaphysical Centre Society. It has just become Incorporated. It will be a Centre that provides Spiritual Healing, Prayers, Meditations, a Music Ministry (whereby musician in all genres can regale us of their mastery, from classical to Celtic merriment, to first nations drumming, to good old fashioned Sunday hymnals it will provide a social, inclusive place whereby anyone from any walk of Life will feel Welcome regardless of their origin, faith practice, race, colour, creed or personal identity as a Human being…or gender calling.  It will be a place for Celebration of Life ceremonies for all of life’s major milestones from baby blessings, welcomings and name blessings to weddings, marriages, vow renewals, transitioning ceremonies such as burials, wakes and gravesite tributes. It will be a place to gather for the Pagan Sabbats and season changes…as well as the Jewish Seder Supper and other significant holidays. We will pay tribute to the Moon cycles and other planetary happenings in our vast Universe. Please visit and like our FB page

3) I am seriously pondering completing my Doctorate Dissertation and studies in Theocentric Psychology at the University of Sedona…my Alma Mater.

4) I am in the midst of writing book 2 in the Moon Sage Theosophies series. As an Independent Author and Writer…Indie Author…everything from the initial conceptual idea of the structure and content of the book to the cover design to the page layout…to the publishing is on me. I am the sole Creator of my masterpiece or failure as the case may be. It lies completely in my hands. I am my own personal Mentor and Motivator…my voice of reason in the wee hours of the morning when I seriously doubt that I have the energy, spirit and determination to complete this daunting task.

5) I am a Goddess, a Priestess who struggles like everyone else with the peace of mind to walk strongly and proudly in her faith practices. Who am I today?  Honestly today I am Sri Susanje’…a disciple of the journey…sometimes I am Reverend Sue, sometimes my inner small child-self emerges,  little Susan Dodman, I am Grandma Sue, Sister Sue, Susan Elizabeth the Writer…I am all of these Souls encapsulated in Self. Some of my dear friends in India call me Auntie because of my mature years…this gives me great honour.

So, for today, I must be content with the fact that I am praying for the Justice and Peace of my World of existence and rallying to the cause…standing in Solidarity and Peace with my fellow Human beings of a like-mind.

All Good Blessings…Namaste’…Sue G.


2 thoughts on “Stop the World…I want to get Off!

  1. Hi Susan, I can totally relate to your dilemma. I am currently in the midst of huge change in my life, both creatively and personally and find it difficult to stay on track of all the various projects that I have going – writing, blogging, promoting as well as being a mother of five wonderful children. It’s an ongoing struggle but a very fruitful one. Namaste.


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