What am I Worth??

As a Wedding Celebrant, I often get asked this question…more to the point I am asked “What is your Fee?”  The answer is simple, I charge what I am worth!  Broken down into the time and energy that I put into creating a wonderful, meaningful Ceremony, I strongly believe that I am worth a lot. I am Worth your trust in me to assist in making the words you speak last a lifetime…hopefully!  That you will remember the Vows you took with one another and they shall sustain you in what I promise will be good times and bad.  Today, a marriage is more of a legal document.  Young people want to get the Ceremony out of the way so they can celebrate and party with their friends and family.  But the Marriage is way more than a one day affair. For me, the Ceremony is a little more than that and let me tell you why.

It is a life Contract and you best beware of the words you choose and the commitment you make. It is a binding and legal contract. Can it be broken? The answer to that is yes…it often is…sometimes ending in a dissolution or better known as a Divorce.

But on a Spiritual level, it is two people who are vowing to join as One and begin to build their lives together in peace, harmony, joy — sharing their experiences and lives together.

Someone once asked me, “what makes you stay in the tough times with your spouse,” and the answer for me was an easy one…History!  What does that mean exactly?  Well, it means thart we have created a story together…the story of our lives. We have shared children, jobs, careers, homes, vacations/travel, family, special occasions, concerts, fun, and now grandchildren but also we have been there for one another through all the highs and lows that are well, LIFE!! These are inevitable and unavoidable in any long term relationship.  This is the one guarantee I can give you.

I offer this service to people because I believe in the Institution of Marriage. I believe in the Contract. And after 40 years in the current one, I think I can safely say that I have taken my Vows and Commitments seriously. It means that I have had to work through the tough times and have succeeded.

So, in dollars and cents… “What am I Worth?”  Well, I charge the same as a Marriage Commissioner…$75.00 flat fee for the one hour Wedding Ceremony and the filing of all the Official Documents (which BC Vital Stats are real sticklers about). They have to be signed sealed and delivered by 48 hours after the Ceremony in the post. Filled out correctly with all the i’s dotted and the t’s crossed.  I charge $25.00 an hour for Vow Writing, back and forth emails and communications until we get it right…this takes time, energy and a great deal of skill…I charge a fee for travel or mileage…mostly outside of my area.  I don’t charge the .53 cents a km. because I think that is too steep, but I do charge a bit. And I am always willing to come to you.

So, in the end you might pay anywhere from $150.00 – $250.00 for my services and I usually give a 20% discount for booking through Wedding Wire. I spend a great deal of time creating a Ceremony that is specific to the Couple I am marrying. Personal, unique and flawless!!  That is what I am Worth.

When you consider that an average wedding costs anywhere from $10,000. to ???  This includes the dress, flowers, venue, catering, beverages, etc: $200.00 for a service that there wouldn’t be a wedding without is pretty decent in my books. For a $30,000. wedding that is 1% of the total cost. We are sometimes the last thing people think about when planning a wedding and do not carry much weight in the exciting plans for a wedding. But it is an essential component of the day~~

So, please be kind and generous when you are considering your Celebrant. For me, I am a Reverend and Minister, so I can perform any and all Religious ceremonies as well as Spritual…and have done all of them, from a Traditional Christian ceremony to a Celtic Handfasting Ceremony, Buddhist, Hindu, you name it!!  These things take great time and skill and I studied a long time to be trained in these modalities.

The words are magical, mystical, binding and very important! They carry the test of time in the Realm of Unions. For me they are so much more than a Contract. They are the true testament to two people who love one another and are willing to join as One.

Peace, love…Light to all and especially to the couple’s that I feel very honoured to work with…I develop a very special bond with each couple and never forget their amazing day!

Namaste’….Rev. Sue G.


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